Wolfgang Erbe berichtet: KLASSENKÄMPFE in den Einkaufszonen der USA!

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

soeben erreicht uns als Gewerkschafter/Innen-Arbeitskreis (AK) die aktuellste Mitteilung des Kollegen Wolfgang Erbe (http://www.ak-gewerkschafter.de/?s=wolfgang+erbe).

Kollege Erbe berichtet zu den Themen:

„Spaß beim Konsumterror – USA-weit erobern Aktivisten die Einkaufszonen!“ + „Klassenkämpfe in den Einkaufszonen! Die Jugend in den USA ist kreativ!“

Wir haben diesen Bericht nachstehend zu Eurer gefälligen Kenntnisnahme auf unsere Homepage gepostet.

Für den AK Manni Engelhardt –Koordinator-


Wolfgang Erbe berichtet:

Christmas mall brawl video still not as as wild as Easter Bunny beatdown

Read More: Christmas mall brawl video still not as as wild as Easter Bunny beatdown http://nj1015.com/christmas-mall-brawl-video-still-not-as-as-wild-as-easter-bunny-beatdown/?trackback=tsmclip | http://nj1015.com/christmas-mall-brawl-video-still-not-as-as-wild-as-easter-bunny-beatdown/?trackback=tsmclip

Spaß beim Konsumterror – USA weit – Aktivisten erobern die Einkaufszonen

Klassenkämpfe in den Einkaufszonen – die Jugend in den USA ist kreativ

Landesweite Massenschlägereien in Shopping-Malls

In mehr als einem Dutzend Malls kam es zu teilweise schweren Ausschreitungen. Gebäudekomplexe werden evakuiert. Es gibt zahlreiche Verletzte. In Texas fielen offenbar Schüsse. Steckt dahinter ein Plan?



Panic at America’s malls: Class tensions at the breaking point

28 December 2016

The scenes of chaos and panic that played out at more than 15 shopping malls across the United States on Monday convey the tense and explosive character of social life in America at the end of 2016.

What began as one of the busiest shopping days of the year ended with large-scale evacuations, dozens of arrests, numerous injuries and entire malls on police lockdown.

Heavily armed police cleared crowds of youth at a number of shopping malls, primarily those located in working-class neighborhoods. Bystander video shows hysterical shoppers running away as police armed with assault rifles and military helmets move in to subdue large groups of youth.

Though there is no indication that the gatherings of young people were coordinated, a remarkable pattern emerges from what can be pieced together about the separate events.

In the early evening, as the malls reached peak activity, hundreds of young people began to converge in what the youth billed as “fights” in social media posts. Small scuffles broke out between individual young people, most of whom were on winter break from high school, and the crowds grew larger.



Klassenkämpfe in den Einkaufszonen – die Jugend in den USA ist kreativ:




Brawls Break Out Between Hundreds of Teens at

Malls Across U.S.

Disturbances that included gunfire, massive brawls and food-court fights played out at more than a dozen malls across the country in what proved to be a chaotic day after Christmas.

The disturbances, some of which were captured on social media, prevented some shoppers from clearing off clearance racks and returning Christmas gifts as they intended.

The mall incidents, which ranged from minor melees to mass evacuations, occurred nationwide from Colorado to Tennessee, Texas to New Jersey. Here’s what happened at seven of those malls.


An Old-Fashioned Mall Brawl In Aurora

Caused Shutdown & Evacution





DAS KAPITAL (1/6) Politische Ökonomie im 21. Jahrhundert… http://ondemand-mp3.dradio.de/file/dradio/2016/11/13/re_das_kapital_16_politische_oekonomie_im_21_dlf_20161113_0930_2a954832.mp3








Wolfgang Erbe

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