Zur aktuellen Lage um den ermordeten George Floyd in USA: Die USA brennen und Donald Trump gießt noch kräftig „politisches Petroleum“ drauf! Wir präsentieren ein Info-Potpourri zum Thema von Kollegen Wolfgang Erbe!

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

zur aktuellen Protest-Situation für den in USA ermordeten George Floyd (http://www.ak-gewerkschafter.de/?s=George+Floyd) hat uns als Gewerkschafter/Innen-Arbeitskreis (AK) ein brandaktueller Beitrag des Kollegen Wolfgang Erne (http://www.ak-gewerkschafter.de/?s=wolfgang+erbe) erreicht.

Wir haben hier im Vorspann zu dieser Berichterstattung des Wolfgangs einige Youtube-Videosgepostet, die die dramatische Situation in USA belichten, die der Politclown Donald Trump (http://www.ak-gewerkschafter.de/?s=donald+trump) noch weiter kräftig anheizt.

Die USA brennt und Donald Trump gießt noch kräftig politisches Petrolium drauf!

Für den AK ManniEngelhardt -Koordinator-


Kollege Wolfgang Erbe informiert:

Sheriff und Polizei gehen auf die Seite des Volkes über + neue Polizeimorde in USA – Natürlich! – Revolution! + Have TRUMP-Americans gone crazy? – Trump will Antifa als Terrororganisation einstufen

Have TRUMP-Americans gone crazy?

Homme noir tué par la police : émeutes à Minneapolis, Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbia, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Harrisburg, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, La Mesa, Lincoln, Los Angeles, Madison, Miami, New York, Oakland, Philadelphie, Portland, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle, Toledo, Washington – 30 mai 2020
Polizei fährt durch Demonstration und tötet Demonstranten
Published on Sunday, May 31, 2020 by Common Dreams
Watch: This Is What It Looks Like When the Response to Protests Against Police Violence Is… More Police Violence

Driving SUVs into demonstrators. Firing paint-ball rounds at people on their own front porch. Pushing an elderly man to the ground. These were just a few of the incidents witnessed as a militarized nation faced off against its own people on Saturday.


Protesters Take to NYC Streets for 4th Day; Mayor Says No Curfew Planned for Sunday Night

Published 3 hours ago • Updated 46 mins ago

More protests are expected across New York City on Sunday, now the fourth consecutive day of demonstrations against police brutality in the wake of the death of George Floyd, a black man who pleaded for his life as a white police officer in Minneapolis knelt on his neck earlier this week for nearly 9 minutes.


An update on the scene at the Barclays Center tonight

as protests continue following the killing of 




+++ News-Update USA +++
Trump will Antifa als Terrororganisation einstufen
One person died and two others were injured after being shot in Indianapolis
Polizei und Sheriff gehen auf die Seite des Volkes über:
„Do I think this has solved the issue between police and unarmed black, human beings? No. But I do believe that this type of leadership is a positive step in the right direction and gives me hope for black men and women around the world and for all of humanity.“

USA? – Natürlich! – Revolution!


regis korchinski-paquet ++

family members and witnesses, including the young woman’s mother, brother and cousin believe Toronto Police officers pushed or threw Korchinski-Paquet from the balcony
After a minute or two, Singh said, the mother and brother heard Regis call out “‘mom help, mom help, mom help.’”

She then fell to her death some time later.

Family’s lawyer clarifies statement on Regis’ death

After meeting with Saunders on Friday, Singh said that the family wanted to clarify its statement on Regis’ death, referring to the “misinformation” Saunders addressed an hour earlier.

“The family and I have spoken and we do want to make the community and the public understand that at the time certain statements were made prior to the press conference yesterday, the family had a lot of emotion and grief and were mourning the loss of their daughter.”

“They know certain facts and one major important fact is: they called for police assistance and their daughter ended up dead.”

Singh said Regis’ mother had previously made a statement on social media that implied police had thrown her daughter from the balcony Wednesday night.

“I can verify, on behalf of the family, that this was not witnessed by the mother. However, at the time of the statement that is what the mother believed.

“The family still believes that police intervention has to do with their daughter’s death,” he said.



Undercover – Provokateure

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